Wells Fargo Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The Wells Fargo direct deposit authorization form is a document that is used to set up the automatic payment of recurring income. This income, be it a Social Security check or a paycheck, gets placed directly into the checking or savings account of the Wells Fargo customer. The below form requires only a couple of pieces of information and, once completed, can be handed into the Human Resources department or payroll officer for processing.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first step to setting up your direct deposit is to download the appropriate form. Select this link to download the form in Adobe PDF, and open the file up on your computer.


Step 2 – The only information you’ll need to provide on this page is your routing number, your account number, and your account type (Checking/Prepaid Card or Savings).

Step 3 – Once the form has been completed and signed, hand it into your employer. If this form isn’t being used for salary, pension, or dividend/investment income, follow the instructions in the table presented in “Step 2” of the form to establish your direct deposit.