ADP Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The ADP direct deposit authorization form is a downloadable form which, once completed and handed to the payroll manager, allows the employer/company to pay their employee by permitting ADP to deposit the amount owed into the employee’s checking or savings account. ADP (Automatic Data Processing) is one of the largest HR and outsourcing services in the world which provides, among many other things, a cloud-based payroll platform. The below form, which we have made fillable, can be used to allow the employee in question to authorize Full Service Direct Deposit of all income owed. Along with the payee’s signature, they must attach a voided check to the form in order for it to be considered valid.

How to Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the form in Adobe PDF here.


Step 2 – Ignore the first fields of the form for now and simply enter in your name, social security number, and the day’s date. The signature field should be signed once the form has been printed off.

Step 3 – You are able to select up to three accounts per form. If you need to add additional accounts, you will be required to download and complete a secondary or tertiary form and complete the information there. For each applicable account, enter the following information:

  • Bank name
  • City
  • State
  • Routing transit number
  • Account number
  • Account type (checking, savings, other)
  • Amount to be deposited

Step 4 – Attach to the form a voided check for each checking account listed therein. A deposit slip will not be sufficient for the purposes of this form. If you are depositing into a savings account, you may skip this step.

Step 5 – Print off the form, provide your signature, and give the document along with a voided check to your payroll manager. They must then complete the topmost fields which include the company code, company name, your file number, their name, and their signature. They will then send a copy to ADP for processing.