SunTrust Bank Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The SunTrust Bank direct deposit authorization form is used to enroll a customer in direct deposit; the automatic installment of paychecks, government funding, pension installments etc. into a checking or savings account. It is necessary that your routing number and account number are at your disposal (found on your SunTrust checks) as they will be vital in establishing into which account your funds will be deposited. The below form allows for the individual enrolling to select more than one account, which is beneficial for establishing a savings program.

How to Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the below form in Adobe PDF.


Step 2 – Once open on your computer, you will be able to enter the company/employer name from which you are requesting the direct depositing of your paychecks. In the first window under “Account Information,” you should be able to identify the fields you will provide your primary direct deposit account information into. This will include your account number, the amount to be deposited, and whether the account is a checking or savings account.

Step 3 – If you wish to provide a secondary or tertiary account, provide their account numbers here along with the amount to be deposited into each and the type of account.

Step 4 – Your name can be supplied along with your Employee ID numbers in the second-to-last fields. Now is also a good time to provide the date before printing off the document and signing it, thus providing your official authorization.

Step 5 – Ask your employer or payroll officer whether they will be requiring a voided check along with your enrollment form. If so, provide them with both documents to complete the enrollment process. If not, simply hand in this form.