BB&T Bank Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The BB&T direct deposit authorization form is a document which enables an individual to allow their employer/company to deposit their net pay directly into their BB&T checking or savings account. The convenience of the direct deposit route is the complete elimination of paychecks and the hassle that comes with depositing them. If the requisite information is supplied accurately, and a voided check/deposit ticket is supplied, this form will enable the immediate and direct payment of funds. Below we’ve supplied a PDF of the form and a quick walkthrough to help you get set up as soon as possible.

How to Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the form and opening it up in the PDF viewer of your choice. You can find the form linked below.


Step 2 – Enter the company or employer name into the topmost field of the form. Below this, you will need to indicate whether the funds are being credited to a checking or savings account. The routing number, and account number, will also need to be supplied.

Step 3 – Print your name in the first field here, then enter in your social security number and the day’s date. Print off the form and supply your signature.

Step 4 –  A voided check must be supplied at this point, or a deposit ticket depending on the nature of the account. Once you’ve attached the check and signed the form, deliver the documents to your company/employer for review and prepare to enjoy the benefits of direct deposit.