Regions Bank Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The Regions Bank direct deposit authorization form is used to initiate the electronic transfer of payroll checks from an employer, a retirement plan, or a government agency. This modern alternative to physical checks comes chock full of benefits, the most obvious of which is the immediate availability of the funds transferred into the checking and/or savings account. The payee can choose to cancel the payments at any time by giving written notice to both the company and the bank.

How to Write

Step 1 – You must first access the document and prepare to fill it out on your computer or by hand with blue or black ink. Select the image or the link below, or the link above, to download the PDF.


Step 2 – The first field is for your name. The second is for the company’s name. Be sure to read through the two paragraphs which officially state your authorization to sign up for these automatic payroll deposits.

Step 3 – Initial next the applicable option here. You are electing either to receive the funds into your checking account, into your savings account, or to both. Regardless of the account type, the routing number and account number will be required. If you’ve chosen the third option, the deposit amount for each account must be indicated as well.

Step 4 – Enter your name at the bottom of the form as well as the date. Print the document (if filling it out online) and sign the bottom. Hand the completed document to the payroll or HR department at your company for processing.