Hyatt Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form

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The Hyatt hotels credit card authorization form is a document used to indicate that a guest staying at any one of Hyatt’s 600+ locations can charge a credit card which does not bear their name. It is necessary that this form is completed by the cardholder and sent to the applicable Hyatt location well in advance of the guest’s stay, with the signature of the cardholder clearly present at the bottom. An individual cannot pay for their room using a credit card which has not been issued to them without a prior authorization form like the one located below. We’ve supplied a PDF of the specific Hyatt credit card authorization form and an instructional guide on how to complete it in our tutorial below. Scroll down for further instructions.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the authorization form in Adobe PDF to start things off.


Step 2 – You’re going to need to start off by naming the hotel at which the guest is staying. Below that, supply the following info:

  • Individual/Business/Group or Event name
  • Reservation confirmation number
  • Arrival or event date(s)
  • Credit card billing address
  • City/State/Zip code/country
  • Contact phone #
  • Contact email address

Step 3 – You can specify which charges you authorize by checking the applicable boxes next to each service. Below the check-boxes, you should see a field in which you can supply a maximum amount to be charged to the card. Enter this amount before leaving whatever comments you deem necessary in the bottommost field.

Step 4 – Finally, you will be able to enter in the credit card number, the name on the card, the expiration date, the cardholder phone number and the current date. Check the box that indicates that you have read and agreed to the use of your personal information before printing off the form and supplying your signature. Fax the completed form to the appropriate hotel 72 hours prior to your or the guest’s arrival.