America’s Best Value Inn Credit Card Authorization Form

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America’s Best Value Inn credit card authorization form is a document which will allow the cardholder in question to pre-authorize the use of their or the company’s credit card to pay for the guest’s stay. A credit card authorization form of this nature provides clearance for the hotel to charge the card and allows the card to be used beyond the purpose of simply reserving the room. When the guest arrives, this document will provide, in no unclear terms, the confirmation that a credit card which is not in the guest’s name can be used to finance their stay. America’s Best Value Inn form is relatively simple when compared to that of other hotels and inns, and it requires only very basic information from the cardholder.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document in Adobe PDF. It should look identical to the preview shown below.

Step 2 – Once the document is open in your PDF viewer of choice, enter in the name of the company whose credit card is being charged, their address, and the company phone number. Below this, the name of the guest should be specified along with the number of nights they will be staying at the inn, and the dates they will be checking in and out.

Step 3 – Here you can provide the cardholder name (the name as it appears on the card), the credit card number, and the credit card expiration date. Most importantly, supply your signature and print off the document. You can fax the document to the hotel at which the guest is staying along with a copy of the front and back of credit card and a copy of a piece of identification.