NetSpend Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The NetSpend direct deposit authorization form is available for those who wish to receive regular installments from their employer or benefits provider directly into their NetSpend Card Accounts. This payment type is not uncommon and is beneficial to those who wish to save the time of depositing a paper check and waiting for it to clear. Set up your direct deposit by completing the below form and handing it into your employer (providing they are willing to comply).

  • NetSpend Routing Number – 114924742

How to Write

Step 1 – First you will need to get the document downloaded. Select this link or the image below to open up the form.


Step 2 – In the “Prepared for” section, enter in the full name and address of your employer/company or the depository institution from which you receive regular payments. Beside this box, check the box beside the applicable “deposit amount.” If it is less than 100% of the check, enter in either the applicable percentage or the dollar amount.

Step 3 – The routing number, your account number, and the bank name must be entered here. Enter in the date as well before printing off the document and signing it. Hand it into your payroll officer or send it into the applicable address for the organization for processing.