CitiBank Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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The CitiBank direct deposit authorization form allows a Citibank customer to request from their employer the direct and regular installment of payments into their bank account. The benefits of using direct deposit are numerous; no more losing checks, no more trips to the bank, no more waiting on the check to clear to access the received funds. Simply fill out the below form in its entirety, attach a personal check which is voided and unsigned, and submit it to your employer. Below we’ve supplied a fillable PDF and instructions on how to complete it to get you well on your way.

How to Write

Step 1 – You can download the form but selecting this link or by clicking on the form below. Have the document open and ready on your computer and proceed to the next step.


Step 2 – Notice the first field of the form is for the employee’s name. Leave this field blank and, once the form has been printed off, write your name by hand. However, you can enter in your Employee ID or SSN on your computer as well as your work phone number.

Step 3 – The benefit of this particular form is it allows you to choose between depositing a percentage of your pay, a specific amount, or the entire paycheck. Select your choice and, if applicable, enter in the amount or the percentage. When ready, type in the following info:

  • Account number
  • Account type
  • Branch address
  • Citibank ABA routing number

Step 4 – There are two more pieces of information required of you. Type in your employer’s name (or the fund originator if receiving alternate forms of income), and the day’s date. Print off the completed PDF, write out your name (as mentioned in step 2), and sign the document. Send the completed form with a check to the appropriate authority for processing.