U.S. Army Direct Deposit Authorization Form (Form SF1199A)

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The Army Direct Deposit Authorization Form, like that which is used for all government agencies, otherwise known as Form 1199A. All branches of the military and any other federal government agency will use the form to register an individual for direct deposit, allowing the payee to receive funds directly to their checking or savings account as opposed to receiving government-issued checks. This document must be completed in triplicate as one copy shall be retained by the payee, one by the government agency, and one by the financial institution at which the payee is an account holder.

How to Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form. Be sure to read through the instructions provided on the fourth page to ensure you have a full understanding of the information you must provide.


Step 2 – In Section 1, you will be required to supply a fair amount of information. You must enter the following data:

  • Name of payee
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Name of person(s) entitled to payment
  • Claim or Payroll ID Number
  • Type of depositor account
  • Checking or savings
  • Depositor account number
  • Type of payment
  • Type of payment allotment
  • Amount of payment

Step 3 – Each payee/joint payee/joint account holder will be required to supply the date of signing and their signature (once the form has been printed).

Step 4 – Section 2 is to be completed by the payee or the financial institution in question. Provide the government agency name in the first field and the government agency address in the second.

Step 5 – Print off the form and send it to the appropriate financial institution. They will then confirm the information provided in Section 1 and 2, complete Section 3, and then return the form to the government agency, thus completing the registration process.