Minor Child Travel Consent Form

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The child consent form is used to provide a parent’s consent allowing their child to travel with another adult. As stated on the first page of this form, an immigration officer, airline, border guard or similar authority figure may ask for such a document to prove that the child isn’t being abducted by the adult accompanying them, and that the parent/guardian of the child is aware and consents to them travelling together. This document should completed and signed before a witnessed.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Minor Child Travel Consent Form.


Step 2 – Begin by filling in the full  name, home address, DOB, and gender of the minor in question.

Step 3 – The child’s full name can again be entered here followed by the below info.

  • Full name of accompanying person
  • U.S. or foreign passport number of accompanying person
  • Date and place of issuance of this passport
  • Country being visited
  • Duration of trip
  • Child’s name
  • Name of person child will be residing with in foreign country

Step 4 – The number/street address and apartment number where the child will be staying must be specified along with the telephone, work, fax, and cell phone number of the residence.

Step 5 – Each parent/guardian must sign, give their printed name, and date the form.

Step 6 – The witness must also provide their full name, date, and location where form was completed. They too must supply their signature.