Waxing Consent Form

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The waxing consent form is one which should given to the client prior to them receiving a waxing treatment. This document will ensure that the skin therapist is made aware of any health conditions which may compromise the treatment and/or injure the client. The disclaimer on the form provides the client with information on the side effects of waxing and protects both the client and the therapist/esthetician from liability.

How to Write

Step 1 –  Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf).


Step 2 – Start off with your name, address, phone number, work number (if applicable) and email address.

Step 3 – Answer this series of yes-or-no questions related to your skin care regimen that may compromise the results of the waxing treatment.

Step 4 – List any medications which you are currently taking. If you’re not currently taking medication, enter “N/A.”

Step 5 – Here you can describe the skin products you use regularly.

Step 6 – If you’ve undergone cancer treatment, describe here the therapies that were used.

Step 7 – List any illness/condition you are currently being treated for.

Step 8– For female clients, they must enter when their next menstrual cycle is due. The client should then enter their name and the day’s date then provide their signature. The esthetician should do the same.